(Not) First Post

This is at least the fourth attempt to start a blog. Every previous attempt failed miserably after some time.

Ok, there is the noisicaƤ blog, where I actually do post updates somewhat frequently. But that doesn't really count, because the posts are just "this is what I just pushed to github" updates, i.e. there was some well defined event and I just describe what that was.

I'm not interested in posting "events" from my life on a personal blog like this. First, because I don't think there is anything of general interest happening in my life. And second, even if, that would be none of your business.

The kind of blog that I'm thinking about is more about turning random thoughts, which are floating around my brain, into somewhat readable articles.

So why should this work now?

I started taking notes (in an org mode file either in Emacs or Orgzly) whenever I had something sticky in my head or read something that was so thought provoking that it provoked some thought. These are just incoherent collections of words, but could pick one of those notes at a time and try to convert that into something meaningful.

And I started trying to get a bit more organized (also with a workflow based on org), as in keeping track of what I want to do and then actually do it, and it seems to be quite successful so far. So let's put a recurring "TODO write a blog post" on my agenda and see what happens.