The Garden Technology Stack

The source code for this website is spread across a collection of Org Mode files, which are edited in a heavily customized Emacs (utilizing e.g. org-roam for navigation).

Additionally to the standard Org Mode syntax, I'm embedding RDF statements in those documents using a custom, somewhat human friendly syntax. A custom Python module reads those statements and puts them into a rdflib database, which can be queried using SPARQL.

A custom static site generator written in Python (using Jinja as the template engine) then turns that set of files into HTML files.

The HTML and CSS is all written from the ground up. It's been a while since I have done any serious web development work, and I mostly missed the development of HTML5. So have some catch up work to do, to learn what the state-of-the-art is these days.

The resulting files are served by Apache, running on a virtual host in some datacenter (I don't even know where).

The website does not use cookies nor employs any other tracking technology. Your IP address is being logged to the standard access.log, which get purged after a few days.

The website makes some use of Javascript, but it should be perfectly usable without and you shouldn't miss any content or features.