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For my german readers: Der überwiegende Teil dieser Website ist auf deutsch.

Ein Foto von mir

Key data

Benjamin Niemann
March 9th, 1975 in Hamburg, Germany
Current location:
Heidelberg, Germany

Primary occupation: housekeeping

The management of our household and the education of our daughter Esther are my primary jobs. My daily routine consists of taking my daughter to the kindergarten in the morning and pick her up again at noon (see the next section, if you want to know what I am doing in-between). We spend the rest of the day with playing, shopping, cleaning, washing and cooking. Or we spend some hours on the playground, if the weather is fine.

Secondary occupation: software development

I am working as a self-employed software developer. My focus is the development of web-based applications for inter- and intranet, whenever possible using the programming language Python. I have collected much experience in this area during my last employment–including many reasons why PHP is a bad choice for any non-trivial project.

My time is rather limited because of my “main profession” (essentially to the morning when my daughter is at the kindergarten). But this job is not supposed to be more than a small additional source of income for our family. This enabled to choose only smaller projects which are most interesting to me. In return you can expect a high degree of perfectionism.

I am also creating websites, but again my focus is on the technical side–I am not a talented graphical designer. It takes ages for me to create even the simplest designs. Websites designed by me tend to be rather plain and pragmatic (as you can see here).

Small print